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Jul 07, 2015

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Rides you can do anytime:  
Saddlesore 1000and Bun Burner Information and Rules.
IBA "Extreme" Rides the BBG1500, the 100CCC, the intense BBG3000, and more. "For the Insanely Hard-Core!"
IBA 50cc Quest    Coast to Coast in less than 50 hours!
48 Plus!  48 states plus Alaska in 10 days or less!
Tour of Honor  Tour of Honor with IBA Option
The New England 1,000 and 2,000    New Rides for the NorthEast!
SCMA Four Corners Tour    Ride to the four extreme corners of the United States in less than 22 days!
Iron Butt Association Master Traveler Award  Create and ride your own National Parks tour!
Great Lakes 100 and Great Lakes GOLD  Around the Great Lakes in less than 100 hours!
2016 Scheduled Long Distance Riding Events:
Multi-month Events
Jan 1-May 23 Big Money Rally Nationwide
Jan 1-Dec 31 SCMA Four Corners Tour Nationwide
Apr 1-Oct31 Tour of Honor Nationwide
May 16-July 6 George A. Wyman Memorial Challenge IBA Rides San Francisco to New York City
January 2016
Jan 1 68th Annual I-Cycle Derby Minneapolis, MN
February 2016
Feb4-6 Asphalt Rats BBG Mexico
Feb 20 Defective Gene Pool RTE Dallas, TX
March 2016
April 2016
Apr 1-Oct 31 Tour of Honor BEGINS TODAY Nationwide
Apr 2 Diet NIITWIt Celina, TX
Apr 2 2nd Annual Celina RTE Celina, TX
Apr 2 See the Eagles RTE Tiptonville, TN
Apr 2 Florida SS1000 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Apr 9 Moonshine Lunch Run Moonshine, IL
Apr 15-16 Rock-n-Ride 8 hour and 32 hour Rallies Ending in Western Kentucky
Apr 24-28 50CC Quest and 100CCC Gold JAX and SDO starts
Apr 30 Heart of Texas 12 hour Rally TX
May 2016
May 24-28 Multiple Ride options to Hyder, AK Ending at Hyder, AK
May 28 Big Money Rally Banquet TBD
May 30 2016-Wyman Memorial Challenge "Rendezvous" Hayward, CA
June 2016
Jun 8-11 Hoagys Insane Ride Week Wheeling, WV
Jun 10-12 Cal 24 Rally Beatty, NV
Jun 10-12 Minnesota 1000 Rally Lakeville, MN
Jun 11 Kansas City BBQ RTE Kansas City, MO
Jun 18 Minuteman 1000 Rally Sturbridge, MA
Jun 18 4th Annual Missouri Tour of Honor SS1000 & BB1500 Warrensburg, MO
Jun 18-19 MTF Regional SaddleSores and Bun Burners Many places in North America
Jun 25 Seattle and Puget Sound SS1000 Seattle, WA
Jun 25 Lake Michigan SS1K Grand Rapids, MI
July 2016
Jul 3-9 Butt Lite VIII Colorado
Jul 13 Great Lakes Challenge Kalamazoo, MI
Jul 14 Great Lakes Challenge + SS3K Add-On Kalamazoo, MI
Jul 14 Great Lakes SS3K Kalamazoo, MI
Jul 23 Brit Butt Light 12 Hour Rally Stoke-on-Trent, England
August 2016
Aug 13 Team Lyle New England TBD
Aug 13 Team Lyle Minnesota 8 Hour Rally Monticello, MN
Aug 19-22 How the West Was Won III Grand Junction, CO
Aug 27 M-I-O SS1K Grand Rapids, MI
September 2016
Sep 9-12 Not Superman Rally 50cc Gold NY to CA
Sep 9-10 No Polio Rally Folsom, CA
Sep 10 NIITWIT Rally Clinic Irving, TX
Sep 10-11 MTF Regional SaddleSores and Bun Burners Many places in North America
Sep 30-Oct 2 Iron Butt Big-As-Texas Party Dallas, TX
October 2016
Oct 7-8 The Void Rally 24 hour and 10 hour events Ending at Fredericksburg, VA
Oct 7-10 Asphalt Rats Mexico IBA All Arizona SS1K and BBG Phoenix, AZ
Oct 21-22 NIITWIT Rallies 12 hr. and 36 hr Ending at Magazine Mountain Lodge, AR
November 2016
Nov 12 TX-1000 Ryder Davis Posse Ride Gruene, TX
2017 Scheduled Long Distance Riding Events:
February 2017
Feb 2-4
La Resistencia BBG Rally
April 2017
Apr 1
See the Eagles-RTE
Tiptonville, TN
Apr 1 3rd Annual Celina RTE
Celina, TX, TX
Apr 1 2017 Diet NIITWIt Rally
North Texas
Apr 29
2017 Heart of Texas Rally
Ending in Bryan, TX
May 2017
May 1 Ride Around Texas Insanity South Padre Island, TX
May 29 Wyman Memorial Challenge Rendezvouz Hayward, CA
June 2017
Jun 9-11
CAL24 Rally TBD
Jun 24 Lake Superior SS1K
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Jun 24 All Yooperland SS1K
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
July 2017
Jul 30-Aug 4 Alpen Butt Rally Munich, Germany
August 2017
Aug 17
Great Lakes SS3K
Coldwater, MI
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