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Friends of the IBA

The following vendors are not allowed to pay for advertisement on the IBA web site.

We promote them due to the quality of their product, and their demonstrated dedication to the Long Distance Riding community over time.


Awesome LDComfort undergarments are the mainstay of veteran Iron Butt riders everywhere!

Many serious Long Distance riders wear LDComfort garmets from head-to-toe, all year round, regardless of the ambient temperature. There is no finer baselayer garment you can place against your skin.


Until they try a seat made of wooden beads, most people do not believe they can be comfortable. Well we can tell you, from our own personal experience and that of our satisfied customers, they do work.

BeadRiders allow air to flow between the rider and the saddle, keeping you dryer and cooler. If you really want proof of the airflow, just use a set of BeadRiders on a cool day, and it will not take long to convince you that cold air is flowing beneath you.