Memorial Ride - 2022
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Date last revised: April 4, 2022

At first, we thought about not having Memorial Rides this year.  After all, besides the COVID issue, there’s a heat wave across most of the country, fires in California, hurricanes on the gulf coast, tornadoes in the Midwest, and torrential rains along the east coast.

But, then we thought again.  After all, to Iron Butt riders, the toughest motorcycle riders in the world, these issues are just another obstacle to overcome on the way to the finish line.  In addition, Memorial rides have always been a way to remember and honor family and friends we miss.  This year there are too many more friends and family we’ve lost due to illness or other causes.  This is not a year to put our Memorial rides on the shelf.  In fact, we should be doubling the effort in what has been a difficult year. Moreover, with the troubles faced in the past year, what activity gives you more social distancing than riding a motorcycle down the road?

This would be a great year to honor any fallen hero, especially those who have served us in the health care and first responder groups.  These folks have faced an unprecedented call to action and they faced it bravely.  If you know a way to honor a fallen hero, please consider that option.  And, the year has been unusually tough on the elderly, many of whom were veterans and retired first responders.  Please consider all those who were taken from us during this difficult year.  In previous years, riders have given copies of their certificates to the families of those they honor.

This year’s Memorial Ride window is September 10 – September 26.  Any IBA rides qualifies for a Memorial Ride.  Mark this on your calendar!!

Not familiar with the Memorial Rides?  For a history of the ride, take a look at

Resuming this year, at the Big As Texas Event held at the conclusion of the fall Memorial Ride window, awards will be given to riders who have completed increments of 5,000 or more 'memorial miles' since 2011.  Few riders have earned this coveted award. You can be one!

‘For more information, contact Howard Entman at 901-230-0922 or at [email protected]