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Date last revised: September 1, 2021

Denison, Texas 2021

The Big As Texas event has so much going on this year that we had to come up with a name to describe the volume of riding opportunities available.  So we’re calling it a “Ride-a-Palooza”.  Here is a look at what is in store beginning Labor Day 2021:

--the Labor Day Bar-be-Quest rides - September 6.
--the Memorial Rides - September 17 - October 3.
--the Senior Butt Rally - September 26 - October 1.
--the Junior Butt Rally - September 26 - October 1.
--the Ride Around Texas (the RAT) - September 28 - October 1.
--the Big As Texas SaddleSore 1000 and BBG rides - October 1.
--the Big As Texas Award Ceremony and banquet - October 2.

You can participate in the any combination of the activities during this month long period; or just attend the awards ceremony and banquet.

--for the best weather, The Big As Texas Party month is early in the fall. 
--Event headquarters will be in Denison, Texas, about 50 miles north of Allen/Dallas area where we have held the party in the past.  This venue is newer and promises to be a great new home for this event.

We have a limited number of rooms blocked at the hotel for those attending the any of the rides/rallies and the party, at $89 per night single/$99 per night double including breakfast. The hotel does NOT charge for parking or Internet usage. Once your registration is complete, we will forward you the link to obtain the negotiated room rate available only to attendees. To receive the reduced rate, you must make your reservation through the provided link – NOT through the corporate number or website – so please wait to receive the link if you want to be sure to get a reserved room.

The BIG-AS-TEXAS PARTY will continue the tradition of hosting a unique SaddleSore ride for attendees wishing to complete a themed 1,000 mile day, as well as a more challenging 1,500 miles ride (BBG).  Ridemaster Danny Dossman has created these two intense challenges around Texas.

For those coming to ‘kick tires’ with fellow IBAers, there will be ample time on Friday to do just that. While the SaddleSore and  Bun Burner Gold  riders are out on Friday evening, there will be a no-host dinner (that means you pay your own way) at a medium price/nice restaurant near the hotel. We will be scouting out these 'new' restaurants in the Denison and Sherman area.

Festivities include an award ceremony on Saturday at 4 PM where IBA President Michael Kneebone will present certificates to those riders who completed any of the rides detailed below, and to those riders doing certificate rides into Denison for the event. Following this ceremony, at 6 PM we will have a good old fashioned BIG-AS-TEXAS Style Dinner. Mike Kneebone will present awards for the finishers of the Senior Butt Rally.  A cash bar will also be available for those who enjoy an ice cold beverage with your meal. We will have a short presentation--you won't want to miss this--after dinner, however the goal of the three day party is to get a chance to meet fellow long-distance riders, share stories of your Memorial Rides, and do some tire kicking as well!


The Labor Day Bar-be-Quest Rides

These rides can be done anywhere on September 6.

for more information go to

The Senior Butt Rally--SBR

The SBR is a 6 days IBR-type rally for teams.  Each team will be composed of two riders, who must be present at checkpoints at the same time.  Both riders must follow the same route.  If one of the riders DNFs then the team DNFs.

One rider must be an IBR finisher, and be 55 years old or older.  The other rider can be anyone brave enough to try to keep up with their IBR finisher partner.

Cliff Wall, Rallymaster

For more information go to

The Junior Butt Rally--JBR

The JBR is a 6 days IBR-type rally for teams.  Each team will be composed of two riders, who must be present at checkpoints at the same time.  Both riders must follow the same route.  If one of the riders DNFs, then the team DNFs.

Neither rider may be an IBR finisher.  There is no age restriction in this rally.

Cliff Wall, Rallymaster

For more information go to

The Ride Around Texas

The RAT is a 3,100 mile ride that traces the borders of the state of Texas, without ever leaving the state.  This is the iconic 'Ride Around' challenge.

For more information go to

Ride Around Texas

Tim Masterson, RATwrangler

There are two versions of the BAT Rides:

BAT SaddleSore 1,000 Route - 1,000 plus miles in 24 hours




Routes and Requirements

These preplanned routes take you to several notable attractions throughout the state.  Just take a picture of the attraction  with your rally flag in the photo.  IBA staff will be at the hotel 'scoring table' on Saturday morning to review and discuss your pictures with you.   Of course, you’ll have to be back at the Denison, Texas check point within the allotted 24 hours.

To document your ride, commemorative Big As Texas Rally Flags are issued at sign in. If you have never used a Rally flag, please visit:

Rally Flag 101

The route will be provided in multiple popular formats as well as written GPS co-ordinates and street addresses (where available) no later than 72 hours prior to the 6am October 1st start of the ride so you will have time to set-up your GPS. While the route is fairly simple, using a GPS will simplify following the route and finding the required check in locations. The riders meeting on the morning of the ride should be brief.

If this will be your first Iron Butt event, just think of the bragging rights you’ll have completing the iconic SaddleSore 1000 by visiting historic Texas bonus locations to earn your BAT Rally SaddleSore 1000 Finisher status.

Successful finishers will receive their personalized certificate from IBA President Michael Kneebone at 4pm Saturday at a special presentation preceding the dinner. Registration for the BAT Rally SaddleSore 1000 or BAT BBG is $60.19 and is completed when you register for the event at

***** Note: These rides are open to IBA BIG-AS-TEXAS PARTY participants only. In addition to being a fun option for current IBA members, it's a great opportunity for potential IBA members to earn their first certificate, personally presented to you by IBA President Michael Kneebone at a special presentation at 4:00 pm Saturday and then join us for the festivities at our annual dinner.

Additional Award Presentations

In addition, there will be awards presented at the dinner for Memorial Ride participants who have reached the 5,000 and 10,000 mile participation levels, as well as recognition of the rider currently holding the most Memorial Ride miles; and for the finishers of the Senior Butt Rally and Junior Butt Rally.  Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out on this great event!

Registration Details

IBA staff will be at the hotel when you arrive. The 2019 event was a sellout, and this year, the Saturday night BIG-AS-TEXAS PARTY and the BAT Rally and BAT Rally SaddleSore 1000 space is limited (remember--social distancing etc.) and will likely sell out. We pay for the use of the facilities, so even if you do not want to eat, everyone must pay to enter. Everyone who wishes to attend must register BEFORE September 1, 2021. We expect a large turnout, so to avoid disappointment, we suggest you register as soon as possible. Only Iron Butt Association (IBA) members, their guests or those registering for the SaddleSore 1000 or a certified ride-in may attend the party. Space is limited and once we are out of room, well, we are out of room....

To reserve your entry to the party you will have to register on-line and pay via PayPal, $59.21 US per person. Please do NOT send cash or checks to the IBA as your registration will not be able to be confirmed. Please drop us a note if the account name for PayPal is different from the name you use to register.

The registration web page can be found at


If you have problems or questions when registering please contact [email protected] Your confirmation letter, along with exact directions, the hotel room reservation link and contact information, will be emailed to you after you register. These are not computer generated and it may take a few days to receive this email; we appreciate your patience. No worries though - as long as you follow the registration link in a reasonable time after you get the letter, there will be a hotel room available for you if you've registered and paid for the event. Your dinner ticket(s) will be available for pick up at the door - nothing will be snail mailed to you.

A personal word from the President himself:

“I look forward to seeing each of you at the BIG-AS-TEXAS PARTY in Denison!”

Michael Kneebone
President, Iron Butt Association


Because the IBA party and rides require a certain level of administrative and hotel support, the refund deadline is September 05, 2021 - our deadline for turning in space and meal commitments to the hotel as well as ordering ride supplies. After that there will not be any refunds. However, if weather is not cooperative on the day of the ride, or you can not otherwise make the start line, you may complete these rides up to two years later (including later BIG-AS- TEXAS PARTY events) and apply via snail mail. 

2021, Iron Butt Association, Chicago, Illinois

Please respect our intellectual property rights. Do not distribute this document, or portions therein, without the written permission of the Iron Butt Association.