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Version No. 1.0

Date last revised: December 13, 2022

� 2022, Iron Butt Association, Sheridan, Wyoming
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This is an annual Halloween ride.  Any SaddleSore or Bun Burner ride is eligible to be classified as a SpookySore or Boo Burner ride.

Read the
rules for the iconic SaddleSore 1000 on the Iron Butt Association site.  The rules for this ride are similar and you will get valuable background information.

We will issue a unique certificate for this ride.

Documentation  See here.


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.

Fees  Normal fees apply


All normal ride rules and ride certification requirements remain the same.

Your ride must include at least one DBR for October 31.


There is no additional merchandise for this ride.