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Kings Highway End to End to End
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Date last revised:December 10, 2020

2020, Iron Butt Association, Sheridan, Wyoming
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This is a SadleSore 1600K motorcycle ride between the endpoints of Ontario Highway 401, known as 'the Kings Road', or more formally as the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway, and return. This is North America's businest highway.  The ride is created to recognize riding this road from one end to the other and return.

Read the rules for the SaddleSore 1000  on the Iron Butt Association site. The rules for this ride similar and you will get valuable background information.

Documentation Guidelines:  See here

Fees:  $40

Westbound endpoints:  Enter from Quebec Highway 20 (gps 45.20844N, 74.3483W);  Exit to Ojibway parkway (gps 42.2741N, 83.07843W)

Eastbound endpoints:  Enter from Ojibway Parkway (gps 42.2710N, 83.0805W); Exit to Quebec Highway 20 (gps 45.20844N, 74.3483W)


--you must ride the entire length of the 401 from before its beginning to after its end within the allotted time and return

--You must traverse the end points and get DBRs in Riviere-Beaudette, Quebec and Windsor, Ontario

--You must enter/exit the 401 from Highway 20 on the east end; and exit/enter the 401 to Ojibway Parkway in Windsor in the west. 

--You must complete the ride in less than 24 hours

SpotWalla use is mandatory:

You must use a tracking device to record your entire actual ride route, and you must upload the track points to SpotWalla (Trips). You must provide the SpotWalla trip link for the ride’s track points when applying for your ride certification.  It is your responsibility to ensure your satellite tracking device functions correctly and the tracking data is uploaded to SpotWalla for the entire trip.  Check the device and SpotWalla settings before, during and after the ride. Be sure you comply with the SpotWalla Protocols listed here.