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Selfie Ride

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Date last revised: November 9, 2022

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As we ride around the country, it's fun to see cities with names just like ours.  Johnsonville, Tennessee; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Masterson, Texas; Donaldson, Georgia.

Your goal is to visit cities that will spell your name in order.

"But there are no cities that have my unique name" you say.  Then stop complaining just work it out.


Name - Howard Entman

Route:  St, Augustine, FL to Howard, Georgia to Sargent, Georgia to Vardaman, MS. to wherever else to get your mileage.

Admittedly, there will be some riders whose names just don't lend them to successfully completing this challenge; for instance

Stefanovich Papandropli
Luigi Cabbrizzo

Nikita Khrushchev

If you have a complex name like this, we apologize for presenting an impossible challenge.

A special certificate will be issued for this ride.  Here is the graphic we used for Art Garvin's Selfie-1000

Read the rules for the iconic SaddleSore 1000 on the Iron Butt Association site.  The rules for this ride are similar and you will get valuable background information.

Documentation:  See here.


DBR - Dated Business Receipt

A DBR is a machine generated receipt with the date, time and LOCATION on it.  Check it - do not assume it is correct.  A receipt with an incorrect time/date/location is worthless.  Check and re-check.

Fees: See fee page


This is a Spotwalla required ride.

The ride must be completed in less than 24 hours.

You may ride either 1,000 miles ( for a SaddleSore) or 1,500 miles )for a BBG)


Your certificate will have your last name and IBA number in the graphic!!

You must take a picture of your motorcycle along a DOT road sign or other official sign containing your name or part of your name. 

You must 'spell' your name with the visited cities in order.

Your official time is determined by the starting and ending receipts.  PLEASE check these documents and make sure the clock and date are correct! is required. 

Remember it is YOUR responsibility to prove you visited all required jurisdictions in the required order.  Spotwalla goes a long way towards this proof.


There is no additional merchandise for this ride.